Great Lines from The Paragon Hotel

“Harry was always dour, but I’d never seen his face turned the color of molding cheese previous.” Bet he could charm the skin off a tomato in person.” While The Paragon Hotel is not my favorite Faye novel, her gift for imaginative and delicious lines shows in this, too.If you’ve not read any Lindsay Faye,Continue reading “Great Lines from The Paragon Hotel”

An unexpected visitor…

The door sliced open, and a stylish and inky cowboy boot pressed into the gravel drive. Moments later, a figure loomed taller than the car. A thick, gray mustache hung over the man’s lip like an inverted frown. Bushy eyebrows shaded gray and unreadable eyes. The man cleared his throat with a guttural scoop andContinue reading “An unexpected visitor…”

Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London, Book 1 (3)

As I read my Kindle, I highlight intriguing or beautifully descriptive passages from the novel. Here are a few recent . . . “Most people don’t want to fight, especially when evenly matched. A mob will tear an individual to pieces and a man with a gun and a noble cause is happy to killContinue reading “Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London, Book 1 (3)”