Dann Hurlbert is a Media & Design Specialist at an impressive Midwest Liberal Arts College, where he works directly with faculty to help script, film, produce, “Perfect Instructional Videos.” Prior, he spent 15 years teaching film, theatre, and English, while also working as a professional actor and director — appearing in countless television commercials and nearly that many stage productions. Dann’s MFA thesis included producing an instructional video entitled How to Write and Produce Your Own High School Musical, which is currently being distributed through Films Media Group. In his free time, Dann enjoys spending time with his beautiful and talented wife, three impressive kids, staying active in his Christian Faith, and keeping his finger on the pulse of national politics. His most recent creative endeavor involved co-writing Suddenly Rural Girl with Kennedy, one of his three amazing kids.

Folks often hear Dann say “Every day is a good day,” because he knows he’s been blessed–we all have, and it helps to humbly bring that perspective into each day. Today is a good day–let’s use it to bless others.

For more on Dann’s video production work, visit HMediaco.com.
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