Great Lines from the Paragon Hotel (8)

“When I catch my first face full of Portland in blazing daylight, I gape up at it like a salmon, fish mouthed and reeling.”

“We turned a corner. A poplar rustled a warning, a stray cat yowled an alarm…”

“…men with nostrils illuminated by their cigars.”

“Silent as a moth’s wing, I enter…”

“He had a retired boxer’s physique, soft padding with a hard center, and a busted-up nose forever politely suggesting that we turn left.”

While The Paragon Hotel is not my favorite Faye novel, but her gift for imaginative and delicious lines shines brilliantly on these pages, too. If you’ve not read any Lindsay Faye, I’d recommend her work! Smart and beautifully descriptive mysteries. Check her out in goodreads.

Published by Hurlbert

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