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From the Pastor…

A Note from the Pastor- it is wellI received this short email from Pastor Joe in New York who recently became a Little Prompter customer.  He realized that his sermons would now all be delivered online.  He ordered a Little Prompter right away.

“Hi Dann-
Greetings & trust you are well and safe.  I apologize for the delayed response.  The Little Prompter arrived on Saturday as did the Logitech c930 webcam and the Sirui desktop tripod … within a few hours I was able to put everything together and begin testing.  Everything worked so well that I actually used the Little Prompter on Sunday’s service, and Dann, it was amazing.  You can check out the sermon I have online .  The voice activated PromptStart app worked (almost) brilliantly.
Dann, just wanted to thank you once again for your support & guidance.   I’ll actually be delivering the sermon on April 26th and will be using the Little Prompter to do so.
Regards & Blessings- Joe”
Thanks, Pastor Joe.  May God continue to bless you and the important work you do.

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