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Cleaning Beamsplitter Glass

Beamsplitter Glass

Quality Beamsplitter teleprompter glass is the only glass we use in the Little Prompter . . . and occasionally, you’ll need to clean it.  Because beamsplitter glass has a special coating, here’s how to care for it:

1.  Use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), warm water, or a NON-ammonia based cleaner such as Koala Lens Cleaner.

2.  Spray the glass or dampen a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth.  Do not use a paper towel.

3.  Gently wipe the glass with a smooth even motion until clean and streak free–being careful not to scratch or scrape the glass.

The outward facing glass is easy to access and wipe.  You’ll need to extend 2-3 fingers and a your cloth inside the back hole of the Little Prompter to clean the inside.

*a well-cared for pane of beamsplitter glass can easily last 10+ years without a loss of performance!

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