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iGlasses: Solving the Wide-Angle iSight Camera Problem

Kudos to ecamm for developping iglasses, a great tool that allows vloggers and online instructors adjust their built in iOS camera’s Field of View!  Apple has overlooked it for too long, and ecamm now lets you zoom in to adjust your field of view (and several unnecessary video effects) with a simple app.  I’ve tried it.  It works, and it gives iOS users great flexibility when using their built-in isight cameras.  Well done ecamm!

And here are a couple other options:

  • Altercam is a similar option for PC users that lets you add filters and zoom using your computer’s built-in camera.  It includes color filters and a zoom feature, and works with other apps like Skype, Zoom, Facetime and more.
  • ProCam for Logitech Webcams let’s those with nearly any Logitech Webcam adjust their field of view, color temperature, and much more.  Like the those listed above, it works with a variety of webcasting and recording tools–and I like this one best.
ecamm iGlasses Effects
ecamm’s iGlasses gives you simple, practical video tools . . . and weird effects.

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