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Getting Good Video: Tip 3 of 3, Get Good Audio

Getting Good Audio:  Of course you can always purchase excellent quality microphones, but the Little Prompter is designed to work with your existing microphone—either your device’s onboard mic or the one you attach separately.

Regardless of the microphone you use, your focus is to eliminate background noise as much as possible.  This means finding a quiet location to record, turn off fans or other noisy appliances, and be aware of the hums of air-conditioners.  In life, we tend to tune those sounds out without even noticing, but on video those background hums and hisses can be very distracting.

In the rare case where your onboard microphone is entirely covered by the Little Prompter—which happens with just a few device models—you may want to purchase a good quality USB mic, too, but give the Little Prompter a test run first.

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